Quadruple Room with Shower
Quadruple Room with Shower
Deluxe Double Room with Shower

Orange House B&B: Rooms

Here at Orange House B&B, we want to make sure that our guests enjoy their stay. This is why we do our best to provide rooms that are beautiful and comfortable. See some of the accommodations that we offer here at our resort below: 

  1. Room package 1
    For those who are travelling alone or in pairs, then this package is perfect for you. We offer smaller rooms that have only one room, but it also includes all the important amenities. 

You can book our first package and enjoy a kitchen, a small dining area, and a private bedroom. The bathroom also has a fully-functioning shower and a bathtub to soak your sorrows away. 

  1. Room package 2
    This package is ideal for groups of 3-4 people. We have one large queen-sized bed along with a pullout couch in the living room. Similar to the first package, this also includes a small kitchen and a dining table for four. There is one bathroom with a shower and bathtub as well. 
  2. Room package 3
    This is the largest room that we offer. It can accommodate up to 6 people and has 3 bedrooms. Each bedroom has its private bathroom along with a shower, sink, toilet, and bathtub. The room also features a kitchen and a large living room with a couch and television. 
  3. Villa package 1
    For those who have larger groups, you can avail of our first villa package. This location can accommodate 6-7 people and has 3 bedrooms along with 3 bathrooms,  jacuzzi, kitchen, living room, and a driveway for one car. 
  4. Villa package 2
    The second villa package we offer is ideal for 8-10 people. It has 4 bedrooms along with a large pullout couch in the living area. There are 4 bathrooms as well that are equipped with a shower, toilet, and sink. You can enjoy a large kitchen, a simple backyard, and a small swimming pool. 
  5. Villa package 3
    The largest package we offer here in the villa can accommodate a maximum of 12 people. This villa offers 5 bedrooms along with a large pullout couch in the living area. There are also 5 bathrooms plus two kitchens for everyone to use. Lastly, this package includes a simple backyard with a jacuzzi and swimming pool. 

About Orange House B&B

One of the best things about going on vacation is that you can look for a home away from home when you book a room in a hotel or resort. You can expect the best when you stay with us here at Orange House B&B. 

We are fortunate enough to have served locals and foreigners alike, and we want to continue improving. For questions and reservations, feel free to send us an email at contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.