A complete local experience

Orange House B&B: A complete local experience

It’s a completely different experience when you stay at a bed and breakfast than in a hotel. The first obvious difference is the accommodation so expect a house or cottage type instead of a building.

But there is so much more to bed and breakfast that are worth staying in especially if you are sticking to a budget. The place is more important than too many amenities that you don’t even use.

At Orange House B&B, you will experience more personalised services and a taste of a real local way of life because you will feel like you are staying in a home.


You will have a selection of breakfast menus with a chef in the dining room to provide you with a variety of items that you may want in your meals. You also have the option to have your breakfast served in your room for some morning privacy. You can eat privately in your room or on a patio or balcony. Make sure to ask about dining arrangements when you make reservations.

Fresh cooked and diet oriented meals

It is much easier to stick to your diet because Orange House B&B’s house chef uses only fresh ingredients in your meals. In case you are a vegan or you can’t have glucose, let the chef know so your meals will be prepared according to your requirements.

Wifi internet and TV

Your room will have the amenities like in most hotels and resorts such as wifi internet and cable TV at no additional charge to your stay.


Expect to be pampered with fewer guests to share the place. You can have unique bathroom styles and even personalised soap and shampoo. Feel free to ask for extra blankets or pillows or have a relaxing room service massage.

Private bath

Your room has a modern private bathroom so don’t worry about sharing your bath and toilet with other guests in the house. 

Local attractions

There are arranged activities you can join that will take you around the city or trips to historic and quiet small towns nearby. You can also just walk around on your own and find your way around dining places, city sights, museums and interesting local attractions. 

Wine and cheese evenings

Most of the time, guests will have their lunch or dinner outside, but Orange House B&B has wine and cheese all evenings of the week if you like to just stay in and lounge by the pool or have a quiet night.


You will agree once you arrive at Orange House B&B that choosing the place is well worth your money. The accommodation itself is quite affordable but the personalised meals and amenities are comparable to expensive hotels. You can have a completely local experience without spending too much with a bed and breakfast stay.

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